Popp! PHP OpenDocument Presentation Parser



Popp! is a tool to parse and display OASIS OpenDocument Presentation file in a browser, as HTML. It is a combination of two programs, a PHP parser and a JavaScript presentation library.

Server-side PHP (Popp! Core)

It can read a standard-compliant .odp file, parses its XML and output a simple, XHTML 1.0 file for viewing inside a browser. The goal is to eventually split into a standard PEAR library for the "core" XML data handling and keep the Popp! code as small as possible (only providing the conversion utility). Perl already have CPAN libraries for OpenDocument manipulation, PHP should have them too...


Client-side library (Popp! Presenter)

This tool is optional and independant from the core application. It is however strongly suggested to use this presentation library as it provides the necessary function to make the page act like a real presentation. It is general enough, however, to use with any other well-structured HTML document.


The PHP part of this software (Popp! Core) is licensed under the PHP License 3.0

The JavaScript Library (Popp! Presenter) is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.0 (LGPL)


Popp! moves to sourceforge.net

We moved the project to Sourceforge so we can easily access all the facilities it provides to Free/Libre Open Source Software. Please allow us some time until we set up everything such as the tracker, the mailing list and the subversion repository. If you have a sourceforge account, please feel free to join the project and collaborate. Thanks to sourceforge for providing the resources.


As of March 2nd 2006, there are no versions available for download yet.


Please come back later to see screenshots of Popp! in action


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